Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Before & After

Why replace the floors at all?We had our reasons....All the cuts to the boards were made in the house, no matter how diligent my mom may have been with the shop vac there was a dusting on all three floors that had to be cleaned every night before bed. Hard wood looks so much better against that wood railing... and it's much better for allergies too!
Before: (This was the earliest version of Jack's big boy room, circa Oct. 2009)
After: Before: (vintage nursery- this pic was taken pre-Jack)
Before: (This is from our real estate listing- hence the fancy color balancing and wide angle camera. Photo credit: Husband) After: (This was taken by me, nothing fancy tonight, before we have our new rug and before the new wall art goes up... more on that soon!)
It's finished, and it's fabulous!!

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