Saturday, February 5, 2011

Space Party- Go for Launch!

This is my recipe for a Space Party:You need one astro-nut. Six cleverly named snacks: Celestial Snack Mix, App-ollos 13, Veggies from Venus, Big Dippers, Alpha Chees-auri & Planetary Pizza.
One spaceship blasting off.
One planet made from more that two hundred Dum-Dums
One extremely large shuttle shaped birthday cake. Made of four layers of cake and a batch and a half of Rice Krispy treats (to make the nose of the shuttle, which I molded into the shape after spraying my hands with Pam so the sticky warm marshmallow goodness wouldn't stick to me while I was trying to shape it).

One million shoes left at the door.

It's funny because every year I say to myself "Next year I'm going to have it at one of those party places." But every year I end up having it at the house. For a control freak like me I certainly have a thing for chaos... it was, and always is, a great time!


Kate said...

The real question is, are you ready to do it again in 2 months?

Emily said...

I don't have much choice! Dino party, here we come!

melaniet42 said...

It was a great time and everything was fabulous. Awesome job!!!

emk said...

Love the dumdum planet!! Sorry we missed out on the intergalactic good time!!

Emily said...

it was a blast! he he!