Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy 10 Month Birthday, Henry!

You are teaching me what it's like to have a cautious kid. You can stand without holding on to anything, but as soon as you realize what's going on you freak out and sit down. You cruise to the end of the couch and then scream with discontent that there's no where else to go (It might be time to walk, little buddy.) You have 6 teeth- two of which are new today!

You are a pretty mellow guy, which means you're never really pissed off but you're also not over-the-top excited- someone was bound to have Daddy's personality. Consequently, your laid-back-ness means you tolerate a lot of your brother's shenanigans, and that is a beautiful thing. You prefer food with lots of flavors like Indian, Chinese or Mexican to something as bland and prosaic as Cheerios. When I call you "Trouble Maker" your brother Jack always says "Heart Breaker."

Also, if you could get a grip on this napping for only 30 minutes thing that would be grrrrreat. Kthxbi.

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Gail said...

Yaaay Henry! Maybe now that those 2 new teeth are through you will begin taking naps again! Gigi