Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 10 things I could do without

10. That feeling. That feeling that you're forgetting something or that you meant to do something. You can't put your finger on it but you're pretty sure you're somehow dropping the ball, but you have no idea which ball. I can make a mean to-do list but I'm bound to forget things every once in a while.

9. Boredom. It doesn't happen very often (obviously) but when I actually find myself with nothing to do I feel kinda lost. I'm always watching the kids or painting something or renovating something or crafting something, I'd even count catching up with my shows on the DVR something to do in a pinch. But when everything is done it's kinda spooky. Not necessarily bad, but just a little strange...

8. When You Tube videos won't play. Not catastrophic but it's kind of a bummer when you see a facebook post that says "This is the funniest video ever." or "This video clearly itemizes the meaning of life, don't miss it." And you can't get the darn thing to play. Ah, well.

7. There's nothing to eat. This feeling is actually really silly when you think about it; there are people all over who don't have enough to eat or don't have healthy foods available to them, or don't have a way to heat up a hot meal. That's truly awful (donate to a food bank, 'kay?). You know when you're standing there with the pantry or fridge door open wracking your brain for what to make but it appears you only have a packet of hot cocoa, an onion and a bottle of vodka? Not good, my friends.

6. DVD case Roulette. When a certain member of your family ::cough:: husband ::cough:: takes a DVD out of the player and instead of putting it back in it's case he puts it in the next case and the next case until your whole collection is totally out of whack.

5. Forgetting to take the trash out. Nothing beats hearing the trash truck in the morning and then remembering all your trash is still in cans on your deck and not out on the curb.

4. Reaching the end of the Internet. It happens about every 3 days or so that I run out of things to read on the internet. See number 9.

3. Zits. I'm going to be 30 in May, I am so over having zits! It's just ridiculous! On an upside, Photoshop is AWESOME!

2. Bad sleep. In general, when the kids don't sleep well at night or don't nap well during the day it means they're cranky and I'm cranky. It's Crank-a-palooza. I would prefer that my little angels sleep well 100% of the time, but honestly the fact that they need me at night sometimes is quite endearing.

1. Guilt. As a general rule, I believe guilt is unproductive. It leads to negative internal dialogue about how I should have done this or that better. Being hard on myself is not ahimsa (yoga teaching of non-violence), and the first place we should practice non-violence is with the self. Thus I will now do without guilt. (Riiiight, well at least I can try.)

Thanks to Katie for coming up with a great Tuesday blog theme. If you want to do one too head over to Sluiter Nation and link up! Also thanks to Grace for the idea about Zits, because I too can certainly live without those in my life!!


Sluiter Nation said...

this list rocks my face.

and so does a big zit. grr. that should have been on my list too.

and i have the opposite problem with the internet...I never have time to read all that i want. I am left wondering what awesome i have not read. so sad :(

Emily said...

Thanks! this was a great prompt. I decided to go for the 'things that annoy' because i'm trying to be all zen and thus shouldn't have things that down-right piss me off... trying

The Crivella Family said...

I too hated the DVD thing but our problem was that the DVDs ended up in a big stack the Soohia would carry one by one all over the house! My solution no more DVD cases! I took all the DVDs out and put them in 2 cd cases one for kid movies and one for mommy and daddy movies and recycled the cases!! Worked like a charm!

Brenna said...

I am so sick of zits too. Any time they want to stop is good with me.

melaniet42 said...

I'm with you on 2, 3, and 10. Especially the freakin' zits!