Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top 10 things I wear

This is a great Top 10 from Kaite over at Sluiter Nation. I think what we wear can say a lot about us, and they can be kinda funny. These are listed in no particular order, because this was just how I was able to find them, hunting back through old photos.

10. Mismatched socks. These socks are really popular at my yoga studio. So they represent being funky and also my love of yoga.
9. Paint. I get it on myself during every single project.
8. A scarf. I have many, and I love them all equally.

7. A nursing bra. Nursing bras (at least the ones I have) are not particularly glamorous but they're quite functional.

6. Flip flops. I realize these aren't my feet, but they are my flip flops. (Really the epitome of a good fashion day for me is flip flops and a scarf.)

5. A dress. It doesn't happen often but when I do get to wear a dress it changes how I feel about myself. It doesn't hurt that every time I put on a dress Jack says to me "Mommy, you're so beautiful!"

4. A swimsuit. Summer is my fave time of year, and the beach (or poolside) is my favorite place to be on a hot summer day. In the winter we make do with the occasional trip to an indoor pool.

3. A headband. Sometimes I'm lazy about my hair and I hit the easy button.

2. A knit hat. I have a knit hat addiction. I'm willing to admit it. It's cool. Also, I love me some mittens.

1. My babies. There is something so easy and so sweet about baby-wearing. I lurve it.


melaniet42 said...

I *heart* mismatched socks! Jilly still wears the ones Jack gave her for her birthday last year, and my mom just bought me a bunch of lighter weight ones! I think I love this top 10...I may have to do one myself. Though it will be more like a Top 10 Thursday *sigh*.

Sluiter Nation said...

you are so adorable. I mean seriously...even when you hit "the easy button"? CUTE.