Thursday, February 10, 2011

I might start to love doing laundry!

This was how I was doing laundry. Dark room, dingy carpet, no storage, no fun! I was paranoid about dropping anything on the rug when i mived it from the washer to the dryer. It just felt unsanitary. (Yes, I'm a clean freak so my definition of unsanitary is.... picky.) But ugh! What domestic goddess wants to work in these conditions?!

After we put in the storage shelves I was inspired to re-vamp the whole area. Now the storage shelves are awesome because the soaps are right there to scoop in to the washer but it also leaves some space for pantry items (which my husband interprets as space for beer) but I see as a place to put homemade preserves. Which makes me psyched for picking season! The back edge of the shelves has a 3inch board nailed to it so if I ever push something towards the back of the shelf it would be safe from falling. Crucial!

The peel and stick tiles were really easy to lay but I found it helpful to use free weights and gallons of paint to hold the tile down while the adhesive cured. The area behind the shelves is covered with a sheet (because there are pipes and wires back there walling it in is totally impractical) but having something to make it look a little prettier and a little less 'basement' was key.

I'm not gonna lie, doing laundry yesterday was almost fun.


Mrs. 2nd Lieutenant said...

a) so! jealous of your new machines - love!

2) you better not try to homebirth your next kid because that would be selfish and dangerous and reckless and you'd be a horrible mom (per sally's commenters). UGH. ignorance drives me NUTS. lol sorry, had to vent!

melaniet42 said...

That looks awesome. Now I want to do mine!!!