Thursday, January 29, 2009

Behind Blue Eyes

Today Cady had us over to play. We had a perfect afternoon play date. There's something about the afternoon that makes the babies a little extra fussy and it seems like the clock sometimes runs in reverse. Cady and Lindsey to the rescue!
Jack borrowed Cady's water, because his orange cup wasn't manly enough.

Jack spent alot of time hugging and kissing the lamb.

Then he decided to immitate Kiss.

Apparently there was some discussion about who was going to be allowed in the club house. We had to have a discussion about being kind to our friends and making everyone feel included. Jack expressed some concern over the tightness of Brooks's shirt.


bebe said...

What's not manly about orange?

The Kento Beans said...

ha ha ha ha ha!! that made me giggle out loud! that particular onesie is getting packed away now that he's bulked up! ;-)