Saturday, January 3, 2009

Trying new things

Today we went for a walk outside in the neighborhood. Jack wore his new shoes that he got for Christmas. He pointed out the moon and a bird and an airplane in the sky. While we were reading a book for the first time I asked him if he could show me the cow. Without hesitation he pointed to the cow so I asked if he could see the sheep (there were a lot of animals and people on one page) and he pointed to the sheep. I wish he could talk because I bet there are some actual thoughts inside that head that would make sense to me. Now for those with older children I'm sure you're thinking "Big mistake! Because once they start talking they don't stop." And I know that but he seems like such a reflective little guy that maybe he'll think more often than talk my ear off (fingers crossed!)

We decided it was time to teach Jack to use silverware. This is a plate and bowl that I used as a kid (made of melamine- yikes!). At first he would scoop the mashed potatoes out of the bowl and then take them off the spoon and put him in his mouth... but then...

well he's not ready for the "salad fork vs. dinner fork vs. shrimp fork" conversation but he might be able to eat like civilized person one day! Woo Hoo!


The Kento Beans said...

Such a crafty guy, that one! Looking forward to catching up with you two on Tues!

bebe said...

Isn't it cool when you can see a huge leap in something?!? These little guys sure have peaks and plateaus.