Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My First Time

This morning I went to the Acupuncturist for the first time. The doctor is an 80 year old Japanese man. He was most concerned that my husband is 2 years younger than I am and indicated that he needed to get my ::cough:: energy level up to match his.

So when I got there I filled out a lot of forms on everything from hepatitis to glaucoma and acid reflux. Then I went back to the office to talk about my symptoms. He asked some of the same questions and some different ones. He seems most interested in my mood swings, allergies and back pain (caused by tension and having a heavy boy).

When I went into the exam room I kept most of my clothes on and rolled my pants up to my knees. He felt my pulse for about 2 minutes and he kept saying things like "lung......... lung and liver............... lung, yes, lung and liver" and then he felt my abdomen and said "lung and kidney? no, lung and liver." So apparently my lungs and my liver are out of alignment.

The needles didn't really hurt some of them stung a little and some felt warm and some I could only feel when I was focusing my mind on them. What I didn't expect when he balanced me was that he didn't place the needles symmetrically on my body. My right hand had 2 and my left had 1 my left knee had 2 and my right had none. I don't know why I had assumed the needles would be placed at symmetrical points across my body.

Then he left me for about 15/20 min and I kept yawning uncontrollably and feeling really really sleepy. Then I rolled on my side (needles left in place) and he put 6 in my upper back on either side of my spine and he hooked me up to a machine that delivers an electrical pulse and that felt fantastic. After 10 minutes he had to come in and turn up the juice because I couldn't feel it anymore. My back has not felt this 'loose' since my massage last March!

I'm totally going back next week!


Carlson Family said...

Yay! That is so interesting to hear all the details - thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Noyes said...

Doesn't acupuncture feel like it could be a drug?? I've had some treatments done. I LOVE IT!! I wish I could go more often. I'm glad you're back feels better. It's nice when your body feels like Jell-o right?

Emily said...


I wish I could go every day I feel like the president of Crazy Town again today. Bummer.