Friday, January 23, 2009

Closet, Needles and To-Do's

Closet: The closet in the basement was basically useless with this one tiny shelf. I'm starting to feel cramped in my house so storage and anything else that helps me to streamline my life is premium.Jack, being the sensitive guy that he is, heard about my plight and hopped into action.

First he put the boards in the studs.

Then he put the shelves in.

Then he organized all our board games, books, DVD series and Matt's RPG boos (yes I said RPG books). Some of the books are stacked 3 deep! I'm so excited to have all this storage! WOO HOO!

Thanks Jack, you're my hero!

Needles: So this hormone swinging-baby-weaning thing is getting a little out of hand. I was going to go get a massage and get my hair done to see if that helped me feel better but the trouble with a massage is I only feel better for the rest of the day. Emily 3 raved about how helpful acupuncture was to her with morning sickness and all kinds of physical and emotional symptoms (I read it can even help you with your sex drive). So I found an acupuncturist in Catonsville that takes my insurance! It will only cost me $30 per session! I'm going to get a call on Monday from them because they review my intake information and check with the insurance company before scheduling my first appointment. I can't wait to see what it can do for me!

To-Do's: In addition to trying to exercise regularly I also wanted to do a CSA this year and I am psyched to report that I'm signed up for June 3-Nov 14 at Breezy Willow Farm. I get to feel good because I'm going green supporting local organic farmers. I also get the challenge of cooking with new and different fruits and veggies (which also means healthier meals). This CSA includes bread and eggs in their weekly bounty (technically eggs are every other week, but hey). So thanks Lindsey for being a fantastic guinea pig for this CSA and for giving me the scoop on all the goodies!

... and finally we are on Baby-watch because my cousin is due in just a few weeks. I can't wait to see her little girl!


melaniet42 said...

Are you hiring the little man out yet? I could use some help with our somewhat useless closets too! I keep telling Jillian she needs to get a job!!

Kate said...

What a coincidence, we just put Field's D&D books into closet storage on Wednesday.

That's really great about the CSA. I was thinking about joining one this year but I decided that with the new baby I didn't want to be committed to that much fresh produce. Luckily there is a farmers market a 5-10 minute walk away from us so we'll still be eating local produce even if it's more conventionally grown.

The Kento Beans said...

all kinds of excitement at your house! putting things away on shelves is always the BEST feeling...although i hope, for your sake, that acupuncture is even better!

bebe said...

Isn't it weird how tingly an organized closet makes you feel. Neck in neck with a glass of wine. I think we're going to be copycats and join the CSA too.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean, "I get the challenge of cooking with new and different fruits and veggies"? That sounds an awful amount like a royal "I".

Emily said...

Silly husband, you get bent out of shape because I take credit for cooking but Jack takes credit for your closet and he gets off scott-free. I smell a double standard!

Also, we both know I'm going to be the one looking up the recipes for these new strange foods we're going to get... yes technically you'll be 'cooking' but googling is just as labor intensive.