Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Start to a Loooong Weekend

Today was a productive day mostly spent at home. When Jack went down for his first nap Matt went to Lowes (our home away from home) and got the wood needed to make shelves for the closet in the basement. We then emptied the closet and ran electrical so now there is a light so we can actually find what we're looking for.

We also installed a baby gate at the bottom of the steps so that we can now just leave Jack in the basement between naps to safely entertain himself. That's what you do with your baby, right?

After nap we dealt with a jack-in-the-box issue.

Then we ate some Mega Blocks.

Matt went to the Obama speech at Town Hall in Baltimore, him and 40,000 other people. I stayed warm and watched from my couch.

Now for the nitty gritty: Jack has not taken his second nap of the day for about 7-9 days now. Sometimes he might have been dealing with teething pain, but I can't imagine it's been the cause of the nap-strike every day. Could he be giving up his second nap? If so what do I do? Do I move back his morning nap to the middle of the day? I fear change.


The Crivella Family said...

Move the morning nap!!!! It will break up your day better. It is very possible that he only needs one nap, but it will be easier for you if it is in the middle of the day. He will also be less grumpy in the evening if he naps later.

melaniet42 said...

From what I understand, after they transition to one nap, it is usually after lunch. You know, that whole full stomach thing. Jillian is at a point that she can go either way, although I am SO not ready to give up two naps. I think it's still a little early to move to one. I thought that wasn't "supposed to happen" (I use that term loosely) until about a year and a half or so.

Emily said...

There is certainly an allure to having more errand-running time in a row. I really thought I had until a year and a half, like you're saying, Mel. I don't know if I should keep offering it for a little while or just say screw it! Also how do I make sure this doesn't mess up going to Mom's Group?!