Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pow Pow Power Tools

Daddy installed the cabinet safety latches today. Jack helped.

Private Practice was all about immunizations tonight. Controversy! Personally, I'm pro vaccination but anti CDC schedule. I'm totally anti chicken pox vaccine. Hello, measles, people die, chicken pox- you itch and have a fever for 4-6 days.
Additionally, I'm pro cloth-diapering, anti baby-ear-piercing, pro blogging and anti temper-tantrum.


The Kento Beans said...

Since I just voted in the poll that I leave comments, I figure I better leave one! Um...YAY for cabinet locks!!? :-) I hope Jack had fun with his POW POW power tools! (Actually, I think a drill is more of a WHRRRRRRRR rather than POW POW)

Carlson Family said...

boys will be boys!

bebe said...

well, chik pox is a tricky thing...i haven't read up on it, but if you do get it, it hangs out in the nerves for a long time...and as an old person, you can develop shingles, which is really painful. and i don't know where i'm going with this comment...i had a plan when i started it. oh well.

Emily said...

My understanding is that chicken pox when you get a 'bad' case as a child results in signifigantly fewer shingles cases as an adult but those exposed to the virus without getting sick are much more likely to get shingles (my grandmother had it).