Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, busy Sunday

Today we took a walk down to Savage Mill and ate lunch at the Ram's Head. There was a jazz group playing and Jack was completely enthralled. He danced and danced in his chair to the music.
I decided to try something new today for lunch. He has a banana for lunch nearly every day and I always take the time to cut it into non-choakable pieces. Well today I threw caution to the wind and just gave him the banana. This is clearly his preferred method for eating. (Pro: I didn't have to cut it into bits, Con: He ate it in about 4 bites and then wanted something more.)

Here are the illusive top teeth. Lefty (his left, not yours) is out about 2-3mm and Righty is still comfortably beneath the gums. We might have to start calling him snaggletooth; I thought about Cletus, but ruled it out because it's not very PC.

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Carlson Family said...

Cady seems to like the banana better whole too...but I know what you mean about it disappearing in 4 bites!