Saturday, May 23, 2009

Asian Night

Long walk on a long dock.

Did anyone notice my legs are missing? That's hilarious!

After another busy day at the beach it was time for some relaxing on the deck.

Fresh carrots- quite the hit!

Then began the craziness of "Asian Night". Tom, Matt and I wanted to make these over Mother's Day weekend, but all the renovations precluded any complicated cooking.
Wontons (for soup).
Sushi- California rolls and Tuna rolls (not pictured).

Also we had spring rolls. We've decided to switch to egg rolls from now on because the rice paper is really hard to work with unless you have a lot of experience.

I am now STUFFED.


melaniet42 said...

Way to go with Asian night! I am totally impressed!

lmc said...

Me too...totally impressed by the culinary skillz!