Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baby's first sushi

Today was Jack's first boat ride as a big boy. I was totally impressed with the boats, planes and cars he was able to point out on the ride. We boated to this little island and enjoyed some quiet beach time on what was essentially a private beach! Awesome!

Then Jack had his first sushi.
Clearly it was a success. The nori (seaweed paper) was not so much a hit but the sushi 'guts' certainly were!

Jack decided to do some gaming with the 'boys'.

After 'Happy Hour" at the Kralls (family friends from way, way back) Jack came home for a quick dinner and bed. Seeing the Kralls was, as always awesome fun. The last time I saw them I was like 7 weeks pregnant and wasn't telling people yet so this was their first Jack-hang-out time and he loved seeing them and their doggies! It certainly helped that their house has a big sandy beach in the back yard where he could play in the sand and the water!!
Legend-wait for it-dairy.


lmc said...

I am so jealous of your long weekend getaway - it sounds like you guys are having a fabulous time!! (Monkey and your plants are doing just fine too.)

melaniet42 said...

Mmmm...sushi. Clearly, Jack has good (expensive) taste.

Emily said...

We are having an awesome time! And thank you again SO much for letting me take up Kevin-time while you check in on mi casa!