Monday, May 18, 2009

New Tricks

3 Signs you might have a toddler:

1. Tantrums. Please don't take my toys away, why don't you understand me and I'm so tired I might explode tantrums. I'm not so much a fan. Unless there are some true sadist moms out there I don't think any mommies thinks to themselves "Yay, tantrums! This phase is going to be so much fun!"

2. Dirty Fingernails. A side effect of getting into everything is the accompanying dirt. The dirt I could do without but the running around getting into everything is pretty fun.

3. Parental Insecurity. It goes something like: "I'm so embarrassed my kid is still using a paci, what will strangers in public think." "I cannot believe little so-and-so is throwing a tantrum in the middle of insert-painfully-public place; what will people think." "I think my little sweetie is language/gross motor/fine motor/long division delayed, what do I do?!"


emk said...

Weird-- my toddler is a whiz at long division. He's going to start earning some extra money by tutoring. Shall we sign Jack up for a diagnostic session?

The Bliven Family said...

As for tantrums, there are sometimes that I do just laugh...maybe out of embarassment, but he looks so cute when he's mad. You can ask Susie about the tantrums over the Wii...phew! We've had to drag him out of the house kicking and screaming, but I'm laughing the entire time.

P.S. Sign #4 - You haven't bathed your kid in days, but hey, his hair still looks good and I don't notice a smell...I'll do it tomorrow!

melaniet42 said...

I don't suffer from #3, but I agree with the commented sign #4 completely!!!