Saturday, May 30, 2009

Picking Season

I support going green. Organic hand picked fruits and veggies are yummy and the season has started with strawberries! Yummy! I also support child labor. Not the laws preventing it, but the labor itself- I'm all for that. Last year Jack really didn't pull his own weight. He did a heck of a lot of sitting while I picked fruits and veggies. Well now mwah ha ha... he can do some of the work.

Sort of. Mostly he just pointed at the strawberries. "That!" "That!" or when I handed him one to try and fabricate a photo op (tabloids do it all the time, don't judge me!) he just squashed it.

Oh well, there's always later this summer, or maybe apples in the fall. Maybe then I can get in on some of that toddler labor.


melaniet42 said...

I agree - let's make these wee ones pull their weight!

Brenna said...

yep...we're about the same here. help amounts to jabbing a stick into the ground and flinging fistfuls of dirt around.