Sunday, May 3, 2009

I like them odds!

Yesterday we built our raised planter bed for this years veggies. This way we can have our favorites on hand whether or not we get them in our CSA. Please vote on this week's poll!!! If your veggie favorites are not listed please leave a comment below with your veggie suggestions!
Later that day we went to Eric, Emily and Colin's house for a Kentucky Derby party, complete with fun feathered hats!
After the Derby we brought Jack home and since Matt wasn't feeling well I wandered down the street and happened upon a fire pit and some generous s'more makers! Sweet!

Today, since Matt and I are sick and Jack despite a runny nose is still go-go-go we spent the day hibernating inside. Jack insisted on wearing his pirate hat for most of the day.
Sadly our planter box is now filled with water from the rain... clearly we have a drainage problem. Hmm.


emk said...

Emily and Colin look SUPER excited about the Derby party! :-) Sorry to hear you guys both feel bad-- this weather just can't help! But your planter looks great!

Anonymous said...

Dad says "it'll drain out" or you could use a rebar to poke holes in the hard ground. Mom says, if your're really worried, drill a few holes in the downhill side, in the bottom board (cause you want the moisture to stay in come July and Aug.)

Brenna said...

strawberries are easy to grow...but take a year to settle in...
fresh potatoes are great!
little cucumbers are really good too...and you can make pickles. sometimes it's hard to find the ones without wax for doing that.