Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Da-Da!

After a so-so birthday Matt called me from work and said "Suit-Up! Pack-Up! and lets get this vacation started! I'm coming home early!" So Jack and I suited-up in our coordinated outfits.

Loaded the car.

And drove to Gi-Gi and Grandpa's house. (Don't worry we didn't forget to bring the birthday boy!)

Jack enjoyed a late night of cheese and crackers by the shore.

Da-Da enjoyed his birthday ice cream, he was very surprised and excited, as you can see. Well earned, Daddy. Thanks for being a fun friend to play with and a wonderful partner for Ma-Ma! I love you!


emk said...

Jack looks super cute in his seaside-themed ensemble! (And I already sent birthday wishes to Matt on Facebook so he's not getting any more from me!)

Brenna said...

have a good time!