Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Stats

This morning we met Katie and Colin at the mall for some walking and playing. We enjoyed successful fun and did some 'working out' too. We walked and talked and as usual I learned some interesting things and turns out our husbands might be clones... or at least they're copying some of each other's less-fun habits.

Then we went to the doctor for our 15 month check up. We learned some interesting things. Jack is 26lbs 10oz (9oz more than I predicted) -75th percentile. Jack is 33 1/4 inches tall -90th percentile. Jack's head is also a normal size (75th percentile) despite my assertions that his head is abnormally large. So much for the maternal instinct there

This was the most helpful bits of knowledge from the doctor. Babies are expected to have 3-5 words at 16 months. Words are defined as a verbal cue so when Jack sees a dog and says "Ruff ruff ruff" that counts as a word (for developmental purposes at least). I expressed concern that I understand his 'words' but others do not. The Dr. said: we look for 50% of a child's words to be understandable to others at age 3. ::whew::

The funny part Jack was TERRIFIED of the exam table. I couldn't put him on it. I've never seen him use his hands and feet to hold on to me that way! WOAH! The whole exam was done on the floor or on my lap except for the measuring, which took the nurse and I to hold him down long enough.


Brooks said...

Jack AKA "Hoss": please do not ever sit on me! You will crush me like a bug!

Brenna said...

Crazy! Maybe he remembers getting shots from last time???

Wow! He is one solid fellow!