Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tea Party!

Today I went to Tea on the Tiber to celebrate my birthday. I know what you're thinking, my birthday isn't until the 25th. True. But since I'll be at the beach for 5 days around my birthday this seemed the perfect time to get dressed up and have a full afternoon tea. The meal was SUPER tasty and the company was FANTASTIC!
L-R: Me, Jessica, Lindsey, Emily, Emily & Susan

Matt watched Cady and Jack while we ladies enjoyed tea. Cady slept like a champ, Jack was less-successful with today's nap, but Matt says double-parent-duty was just fine! Yay!

There may have been a bit of mayhem, as demonstrated when Jack fell into the toy box.

It obviously couldn't have been that bad because not 5 minutes later he hopped back in the box by choice.

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emk said...

I can't believe the group pic turned out so well! When does that ever happen with 6 different people?! Thanks for setting up such a fun b-day celebration!