Thursday, May 7, 2009

No Camera?!

Today in another mommy FAIL moment I left for our morning fun without the camera. Here is an artist's rendition of this mornings play date with new baby Sophie. The 'big kids' had a blast playing with Carter (and now Sophie's) toys in Susan's basement. We mommies chatted and stole some sweet baby snuggles.

I ran some productive errands on the way home and then put jack down for his nap. Lately I've been getting scared that he'd going to give up all naps but I think I've realized the problem: humidity. It is yucky sticky in our house right now so after turning on the AC we had nap time success. ::whew::

Later Laura came by for a play date and we tried out our new crayons. Jack doesn't get it... yet.

Finally I met Matt at Sun Nurseries and we picked out quite the plethora of produce for this summer growing season.
2 varieties of tomatoes
3 varieties of pepper
rosemary (since my seeds were a dud)
basil (since my seeds were also a dud)

The cilantro, oregano and sugar snap peas I've been growing from seed are all doing well so I didn't buy any of those.

We wanted but could not find:
carrots and onions

So now I'm excited to plant and watch them grow. I'm a little worried about neighborhood bunnies and curious kids getting into the 'crop' so I have a tentative plan to put up some chicken wire. I hope I don't need it because it will totally ruin the aesthetic.


melaniet42 said...

Love the artist's rendition! I would recommend the chicken wire. Aesthetics aside, I have a friend who just did tons of planting and already the rabbits have gotten most of her pea plants. It might not look great, but at least YOU'LL get to enjoy the spoils of your hard work!

The Bliven Family said...

Sophie is gettting so big!