Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cabin Feva

Needs More Cowbell!

When you're stuck in quarantine (conjunctivitis) for a whole weekend you have a lot of time to think, read and watch TV. I've tried to keep an even balance between the three. Right now I'm reading Emily Giffin's new book (I knew it would be cool because her name is Emily). Jack is reading Elmo's Guessing Game book, over and over and over again. I think it's adorable that he never seems less excited or surprised to find "ELMO" on every page of the book.

We've been watching a lot of HGTV and Planet Green as well, which has lead to the purchase of new windows for the house. Huge tax credit plus coupon for purchase of Anderson windows equals 40% savings.

Finally I've been doing some thinking. I found out that I lost a 'loyal' reader this weekend. (Not like Hollywood has lost-MANY, just in the "I'm not reading your blog anymore, so there!" kind of way.) Apparently my blog hasn't been read in a month and the URL has been removed from the list of favorites! It's a tragedy, really. It's always sad to lose a reader, but it's hard not to feel like I'm gaining so much more. I've gained a greater appreciation for the readers who are sticking with me through this tough time. So here's to you loyal readers, may you always find my blogs amusing, my son charming and my statements dripping with sarcasm.

But seriously, though, sometimes a highly-contagious illness that keeps you inside all weekend but doesn't actually make you feel sick is a good thing. Lots of family time with my two favorite guys and one furry cat sounds like a good weekend to me! When you can't rely on other kids to entertain and play with your own little sweetie pie you get to do a lot more car-crashing, block-toppling and memory-making and, frankly, that's good for the soul.


melaniet42 said...

Sounds like you're having some well deserved downtime...albeit under unfortunate circumstances. Hope you're both feeling better soon!

Emily said...

we'll be out of quarantine tonight! so we're a go for tuesday!