Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lessons II

The lesson of the day is: Seasoned parents always know about the cool stuff.

This morning Jack and I met up with Susan, Carter, Sophia, Emily, Brooks, Lindsey and Cadence at Pump It Up. I was skeptical about how Jack would respond to a warehouse full of inflatable toys. But Susan, being the seasoned parent of a busy boy suggested this little activity. As soon as we walked into the room Jack was practically vibrating with excitement (and so was I, running jumping, bouncing, sliding... when is this NOT fun?!) We did everything at least twice, but probably more than that. He laughed and ran and slid and jumped with no coaxing from me (except on the things that were too high to climb unassisted).

By the end we were both POOPED!

Tonight after dinner we had some home-grown sugar snap peas (the ones from seed) for 'dessert'.
Apparently we also really really like sugar snap peas. I'm wondering at what age Jack will become wise to my trickery and inform me that peas, blueberries and yogurt are NOT desserts. For now, I will enjoy my nutritional trickery, mwah ha ha ha!


The Crivella Family said...

Carter still asks for yougart and blueberries for dessert. And has even been known to pass up a cupcake for fruit! Good habits early!

melaniet42 said...

My mother often passed off fruit as dessert when I was growing up. Even today we hardly ever have "real" dessert at home. Rarely even when we go out...I just never developed the habit of eating it!

Brenna said...

what's the name of that place? i bet my nephew would like it. (he's coming in august). let me know the next time you go, I bet amedeo would love it too!