Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A craft and a splash

This morning I went to Joann fabrics and Jack NEEDED to have this fabric. So I got some fabric and a pillow and during his nap I made him this: He's been carrying it around telling me all about the trucks ever since. Hilarious!

Then we went to Emily1's house for a pool party!

Some old friends were there! Ria, Jillian and Amedeo


and Colin (with Amedeo and Jillian)

The slide for the pool was a HUGE hit. The kids all seemed to want to climb the slide but they didn't want to come down. We didn't have slide-fear it was more like king of the mountain. They all wanted to stay at the top! I'm so proud that Jack could climb to the top himself. I think the other kids did it too, but I didn't think he could because the ladder was steep and not like stairs. That will teach me to question his abilities!


Sometimes the line for the slide got a little long, but this is a good lesson for life. Lines are everywhere and they are unavoidable.


melaniet42 said...

What a great truck pillow!

The Crivella Family said...

Do you have a sewing machine? Or did you stich it by hand?

Brenna said...

great idea about the truck pillow. i'm definitely going to copy you!

Emily said...

I have a sweing machine but i stitched this by hand, getting it out of storage and setting it up seemed like more work than grabbing a needle and thread.