Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CSA Day!

Today is the first day of our CSA. We drove out to Breezy Willow Farm to pick it up.They have a little barn that they have the CSA pick up in. They also sell soaps, honey, jam and other yummy options! When you walk in they have this chalk board up so you know what to get. They have scales all around so you collect your own produce and weigh it yourself.
Potatoes 2lbs, Asparagus 1lb, Broccoli 1lb, Spring Onions 1 bunch, Radishes 1 bunch, Mushrooms 1/2lb, Lettuce 2 heads, Spinach 1lb, Strawberries 1 basket, Bread 1 loaf, Eggs 1 dozen.

What does that look like?


melaniet42 said...


Brenna said...

what did you all make with it?

The Bliven Family said...

Wow! That's great! Seems like pretty normal stuff. You didn't get like 5 pounds of kale or anything! If every week is this good, then you'll have a great summer!

Emily said...

Last night we had a fritata (sp?) and salad. Today I ate some strawberries. It's a rough life!

lmc said...

Thanks for picking ours up! I can't wait to have a partner to make the trek out there with this year.