Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Never Gets Old... Yet

I'm wondering at what point the "Jack and Jill falling down" joke will get old. For now it's still funny!

Today we went to the Tire Park at the Patapsco State Park. There was lots to do and see.
Jack felt that climbing the ladder was an important activity. He's such the little daredevil! This morning at the pool he fearlessly ran all the way in till the water was to his neck. A few times he ran over from the zero entry to the 4 foot area and then crawled backwards and lowered himself into the pool. It made for an exhausting morning for mommy but my fearless little man had a blast!

Serious face.

Talking face.

Happy bridge face.


lmc said...

The Jack & Jill jokes never get old in my book!!

melaniet42 said...

I don't think the Jack & Jill thing is old yet either!