Monday, June 15, 2009


I've been thinking lately what lessons I want to teach Jack. I realized today that if I had to boil everything down to one single life lesson it would be this: You are responsible for your own happiness.

This means Jack is responsible for making himself happy, not making me happy or Matt happy or anyone else. I like that. It also means no one else is responsible for Jack's happiness, he shouldn't rely on a partner or friends to make him happy. He's going to be a beautiful person; he can easily find happiness within. I'm confident of that. Finally it means you do what you need to do to be happy, he will certainly find nothing but unconditional support from us.

Parenting is a mixed bag, but when I get all philosophical about it I'm beyond words with joy about the experience.

Also an important life lesson I want Jack to take with him through life is high fructose corn syrup is probably the work of the devil and should be avoided. This is hard, because there are an awful lot of things with it... like my bread :-(

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