Friday, July 31, 2009


This is my boss. He seems to like my work style but I'm a little concerned because we have yet to have a performance evaluation. It's also a little confusing because sometimes he's a really hands-off supervisor and sometimes he's really hands-on.

This is my office, you can see my cubicle over there (the grey couch).

These are my filing cabinets.

If you find my blog amusing, please copy me and tell me about your job site!


Husband said...

I think you get a performance evaluation everytime he gives you snuggles.

lmc said...

Ahhh...I gotta agree with Husband. What a cute comment.

Brenna said...

we must work in the same field! tho sometimes I worry about my boss firing me. oh, and when he yells at me...those aren't good days.

melaniet42 said...

Is there a union we can join? Surely there is, right?

Anonymous said...

I once got reported to someone's first grade teacher by the comment "my mom likes to drink and watch TV" The teacher, wondering if she should be concerned, asked that certain someone "what does your mom drink?" "Tea." answered my first grader, Emily. Moral: You may want to hold off on asking for that evaluation! Emily's mom (the tea drinker!)