Monday, July 27, 2009

Praise the Tea Tree!

Jack's cloth diapers have been starting to smell really... umm... ripe... in the last month or two. I've tried different types of cloth-safe detergent (my favorite is still Charlies Soap), bleach, vinegar and triple rinsing the inserts and nothing has worked to even reduce the smell. I had essentially resigned myself to permanently smelly diapers when I had the brainy idea to ask the people at MOM's what they recommend. This little bottle cost me $6.99 and I used 1.5 cap fulls in an extra long soak load.

The smell is gone!! I'm so freeking excited. When I took the load out of the washer and went to put it into the dryer the scent of tea-tree was really strong. After a normal dryer cycle (you cannot use any fabric softener with cloth diapers you will destroy the waterproof barrier) they smell nothing but clean. It's a miracle!! Praise the Tea Tree!

For those who don't use cloth diapers if you have anything else around the house that you can't get the smell out of I very highly recommend this product!

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The Bliven Family said...

I'm glad it worked...triple rinsing diapers kind of negates the "green" factor :)