Monday, July 6, 2009

Lessons in Gardening

We built a raised garden bed for the backyard this year. It was our first year to undertake more than pots on the deck with just tomatoes and herbs. So in branching out we bravely added leeks, 3 pepper varieties, eggplant and pickles to the mix. I have learned the following:
  • Peppers need the most sun, Tomatoes second, and they both like HOT soil - so they should be in pots on the deck where they'll get a lot of sun and bake in the heat.
  • Eggplants seem to also need more sun than they're getting.
  • Peas are a really sturdy plant, I should have put them strait into the ground.
  • Leeks and pickles seem to enjoy their current locations and are growing heartily.
  • Basil needs less sun.
  • Mint can grow anywhere.

And here is my super shout-out to my sous-gardener Lindsey! For all her watering help, keeping my little green family alive while I'm away!

And here's a fun picture totally unrelated to the blog:


lmc said...

Happy to oblige! And I like my new title - sous gardener. Cute new fam pic! Perhaps even frame worthy???

Brenna said...

yep...we've learned lots about veggies don't plant pepper plants behind the tomatoes, or they don't get enough sun. ah well.

i think your pic is related to the blog!