Wednesday, July 15, 2009

He's not colorblind!

Today we were playing with some pop beads because my parents in an effort to stock up for grandkids got some great hand-me-down toys from friends with older grandchildren (yay for reusing!). Over July 4th I asked Jack on a whim "Where's the yellow?" and without hesitation he pointed to the yellow bead. Both startled and impressed I decided to start casually working colors into some of our daily vocabulary. Last Wednesday we picked up the CSA which included blueberries and Jack screamed "BLUE!!" over and over till I gave him some blueberries. Again, I'm surprised and impressed. Today he identified red flowers and blue flowers by name ("Rrrrrrr" and "Boooooo") and has also added knowing which ones are 'purple' by pointing.

Clearly I'm thinking he's going to be artsy like me, we might have to have a serious conversation about back up plans. Although... he has been identifying the moon every morning, and he's very excited about the moon. Maybe an astronaut? And then there's the obsession with all things mechanical? Maybe a MechE?

Seriously, he has 1-2 new words a day. I'm not saying a stranger on the street would understand him but someone who spends time with toddlers would probably know what he's talking about or asking for. It's pretty cool that he has so many new words and he isn't yet saying "MINE!" or "NO!" or "Why?" all of which would totally kill it for me.

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Husband said...

He might not be saying "No!" as a declarative word, but he certainly runs around going "no, no, no" almost everytime I tell him no. That and when the cat runs away from him (PS one of the funniest things I've ever seen).

I am thinking Astronomer. Afterall, planets, moons and pretty colors.