Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy and Busted

I am having too much fun right now and my computer is not recognizing the internet at my parents house which means I might get around to some real blogging (with pictures) and I might have to wait till I get back.

Monday was a fun day with Gi-Gi and a surprise visit from Uncle Tom! Taking advantage of others willing to watch my kid after Jack went to bed I went to a late night yoga class and I have learned that wine with dinner + yoga = pulled hamstrings. Ouch!

Tuesday we met at the park and we had a great turn out! Tammy learned some helpful biting insights from my friend and seasoned parent Michelle. Then we packed up the car for another exciting beach trip. On the way we stopped at the Salisbury Zoo, which is small and free. Well the best part about small zoos is they're not crowded and you can get really close to the animals so Jack had a BLAST! Pictures to follow.

Today I am leaving Jack and Grandpa home while my mom takes me on a fun ladies day. I'm excited for me and nervous for Jack and Grandpa, I hope everything goes well so he'll agree to do it again!


melaniet42 said...

I'm sure everything will go fine. You and your mom enjoy your day and have a great trip!

Emily said...

turns out everyting was great!