Sunday, July 26, 2009

In Review

I've been slacking in the blog department so here are some updates: On Friday Michelle and I went for a walk around lake Elkhorn (to change up the scenery) and we saw lots of cool animals. Turtles, ducks and a blue heron. This white egret was all of 15 feet from us on the trail. Even the little kids were able to see it. When Jack yelled "Kaw-kaw" to tell me that he was also able to see the bird, the egret didn't flinch! Later we saw it fly across the lake, I will never be not-impressed with its wing-span.

We bought a couch today, but we couldn't bring ourselves to buy new furniture for us and not finally get Monkey something of her very own.

I know this couch looks white, but it's a lot closer to the color of the cat than it is to being almost white when you see the fabric in person.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering where all the blogs were . . . love Monkey's new bed! The couch will be awesome! Love Mom

The Crivella Family said...

Only one couch? Where is it for? Where did you get it?

Husband said...

The best part is if the cat lays on it, her shed fur will blend in! Its almost like I thought of that when I suggested we buy the couch in that color, instead of when I just read the blog. Its also almost like I suggested we buy the couch in that color instead of you suggesting it originally.

Emily said...

For the livingroom, only one couch, Havertys.

I'm not so much excited about matchy-matchy furniture. I wanted to get the couch and see what else we think we need to round it out. (maybe just one chair, maybe two, in a complimentary pattern)