Saturday, July 11, 2009

Greenie Thumb

Being green is a real hoot!

Fried green tomatoes, anyone? (I'm waiting till they're vine-ripened.)

Pickle. They're mini-cucumbers, soon to be mini-gherkins!

Jack supervised the replacement of our Verizon-destroyed shrubbery.

They don't exactly look the same now, but they will, give them a year.


melaniet42 said...

Your garden looks like it's yielding some exciting things!!!

lmc said...

Wooho - you got your replacement shrubs!

Emily said...

how on earth did I post about the garden twice and JUST NOW figure it out?!

emk said...

wait-- what did you just figure out?

Emily said...

the garden pics appear twice, two posts before this one and in this one. clearly by brain is only partially functional.