Sunday, July 5, 2009

Two-day review.

Yesterday we had another sun-tastic day at the beach. There may have been a sand fight where mommy was on the receiving end of some drippy wet sand.

Today we had a slow morning (it's been over cast all day). So we started with a trip to the outlets; which are kept neater, have more selection and are larger than the children's stores in Arundel Mills. After nap we went skinny dipping in the baby pool. After developing quite the sand-rash yesterday I just couldn't bring myself to chafe his bottom during pool-time.


Then we found a snail on the pool!

Later we went to the boardwalk to wander around and have some poorly-timed snacks (too close to dinner).
We wandered around by the carnival rides. Jack very much enjoyed seeing the rides but he was very disappointed that he couldn't try everything.

We walked past these wild swashbucklers! We thought they were just our lovely gracious hosts for the weekend, it turns out they are moonlighting as pirates. Gasp!

Here we are enjoying some dinner-spoiling Dumsers Ice Cream, Boardwalk Fries and Fishers Popcorn. All Maryland boardwalk classics!!

Jack also enjoyed the music that they play on those 'roller coaster disco club rides'. Maybe you know what I'm talking about. It's like a coaster but it goes in a small slanted circle and they plan obscenely loud music usually with words like 'bitches' or 'dope' or 'pop a cap' well of course Jack loved the music but can someone explain to me how this is appropriate at a family vacation spot? At least he didn't repeat any of these words as he heard them. His parroting skills are becoming increasingly inconvenient.

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