Thursday, April 8, 2010

Delay of Game

The Easter Bunny gave us a 5 day grace period due to the birth of Henry (the day before Easter). But last night we got the memo that he was coming to our house today.

First we had a morning Easter egg hunt, for which I have a very cute 2 minute long video which the grandparents will have to appreciate at another time.
We then dyed Easter eggs. I had planned to do this on Saturday April 3, but I was otherwise occupied.

Jack, Henry, Daddy, Mommy. Jack enjoyed dropping the eggs in the dye and then observing as they turned color.

He also did some of his own egg coloring.

Grandma and Grandpa Newton came over with some yummy lunch, to bring Jack some Easter treats... Mommy and Daddy may have walked away with a few yummy treats of their own!

Then we took an "Easter" walk.

I have to add- at 5 days postpartum with Jack I was coming home from the hospital. Walking into the house from the car was exhausting. I nearly passed out in the shower, I cried over EVERYTHING. Jack, on the other hand, was a super alert wide-eyed kid. At 5 days postpartum with Henry, I cleaned my house, hosted Grandparents (may have fallen asleep right at the end there...), walked a mile, and I feel really really good. Henry, however, is a sleepy, sleepy boy.

Not that there won't be times that I'm exhausted, emotionally drained, fed up and ready to run off to Bora Bora... but I'm so pleased that I'm actually prepared to meet said challenges head-on as opposed to fighting for the strength to walk to the bathroom so I can stand alone and cry.

In the cutest news ever, tonight when asked to say 'night-night' to Henry, Jack walked over to him in the swing leaned down, blew him a kiss and said "I love you, Henry". Squee! It might be possible to die from cuteness... Matt and I almost did.

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Ohhhhhhhhh, too cute! Gigi