Wednesday, April 28, 2010


When GiGi comes to visit it's not all fun and games. This 24 hour long visit included some errands, but mostly GiGi decided it was time my house had a good cleaning. The whole house. Jack helped.

There was also some silliness.

Some napping.

Some stargazing.

But mostly it was all about the work.

Cloth diapers line dried, in a townhouse. I'm so excited for the fresh-smelling goodness! I've never line dried them before... we might be starting a new tradition!


The Crivella Family said...

Have you started back up with the cloth diapers? Are you doing both the boys now?

Emily said...

Nope! I'm still cheating and using disposables, we just wanted the cloth to smell fresh. Henry won't fit them till he's at least 12 lbs, and he probably won't hit that for another 6 weeks. I'll probably put Jack back in them in a week or so, also because he keeps not using his diapers... so I think we're about ready for a potty training crash course.

Anonymous said...

OK, I just want to explain that the "stargazing" picture is not as crazy as it may look! (Jack is in the dinosaur print pants and) we are not just lying under the dining room table with a strange blue light between us, it is a turtle light that has different color lights that show through star shapes (and one moon) and we were looking at the "stars and moon" on the underside of the table!!! It works much better on the ceiling of his room!! AND, Jack's help vacuuming was wonderful! Loved the "Jack in the box" and Henry sleeping in my crib! Gigi

Emily said...

Tom, Jack and I can all lay secondary claim to that crib too, you know!