Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Probably not, but it's still funny.

In Henry news: Yesterday he was kinda... orange. So we started putting him in the sun for 10 minutes at a time to prevent any possible jaundice from getting worse. This morning he seemed less ornage, and today the pediatrician confirmed that whatever mild jaundice he did have is already clearning up- which also means we can stop waking him up every 3/ 3.5 hours to eat at night. Woo Hoo!


emk said...

OMG! He's totally building a patio with book-stones!

The Crivella Family said...

That is great that you would have to wake him up to eat every three hours!!! How was his weight?

melaniet42 said...

Hilarious video! I was totally thinking the same thing that emk said!

Brenna said...

hee hee...very funny! glad henry's jaundice cleared up!

Emily said...

It NEVER occured to me that Jack is making a patio... he only started doing it after Matt did the patio!!

Henry was already at 8lbs 4.5oz yesterday at his check up. :-)