Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I can't seem to stay away

I went back to the Birth Center today and I was really excited to go. They have a breastfeeding boutique complete with Lactation consultant and everything. The feedings are going well, but I figure if I'm going to do this whole breastfeeding thing for a whole year again I might as well get some nice bras this time around. Those Target nursing tanks can only take me so far... and they aren't very, you know, supportive. I am SUPER impressed with their selection! I got 2 really awesome bras, and honestly- I don't have regular bras that are this supportive and comfy!!
We ran into David, who delivered Henry, and I CRIED when I gave him the card I wrote and thanked him again. It's hard to really explain how much is different this time. Most of the difference is attributable to not being a new parent and not being scared and overwhelmed by everything. But having a positive birth experience is HUGE too, especially for me because I put so much stock in it.

Jack is enjoying a new favorite activity- rearranging the furniture to make trains, tunnels, bridges and forts. This was one of my favorite activities as a kid and I can remember doing this well into my preteen years (my brother was 7 when I was 12, remember). Clearly I have a long road of putting furniture back ahead of me, which is fine because watching his creative juices flow in this way is really quite amusing!

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