Friday, April 30, 2010

Favorite Things

Every once in a while it's good to take inventory of these things. Because kids, and even us grown adults, change so much I find that if I don't reflect on what makes me squee every once in a while, I forget that it was ever a favorite thing.

The way he says "Round and Round" when he sings the Wheels on the Bus song.
His expression "Where'd ___ go?" because he uses it properly and also to mean 'someone has my toy' and also 'I'm hiding something from you and you should play with me to find it."
The fact that he puts his shoes on by himself.
He freely gives out hugs and kisses to Daddy, me and little brother Henry.

The way he gives me the side-eye.
When he squeaks and squawks in his sleep.
His determination to practice head control at less-than-perfect times.
The way he tries to smile.

He's a good husband.
He makes delicious food off-the-cuff.
He's very, very handy.
When he's trying to listen (instead of trying to ignore me) he's a really good listener, which also makes him a great conversationalist.

Here's a random thing: I think I'm giving up meat. (Not fish... I'm not crazy; fish is delicious!) But Jack doesn't really like meat, and lately I find that I feel yucky when I eat it (during, not after... because I'm thinking about what it used to be.... ack!). I don't know when this official change will occur, and I will make exceptions for eating at other people's houses because I don't want to be rude and be all "I don't eat that." But I'm thinking that meat might no longer play a role in our home-cooked meals. Matt can eat whatever he wants... I'm just hoping that he'll be willing to make Emily & Jack friendly options.


Kate said...

You could just have him watch Food Inc; I hear it's turning a lot of people off meat.

Anonymous said...

We just saw Food Inc. We've been vegetarians since 1978 and it just REALLY reinforced that decision! Now even my occasional burger may be eliminated! I recommend everyone to see it--at the very least it'll make them want grain fed beef and free range chicken AND look at those cornfields quite differently! Gigi

Anonymous said...

Oops I meant grass fed beef!!

Emily said...

I haven't seen it. But I've heard about it, and I didn't eat meat till college... so it's not a lifestyle I'm unfamiliar with. (I think it would be scarier to give up meat if I didn't already know how to substitute.)

Husband said...

Familiar enough with modern methods of 'raising' animals for food to be disgusted by it. Reason why whenever possible I go with the organic meat, when I eat it.

Probably never run in to anything that'll turn me off of a good poultry to beef product on occasion (especially when morally raised).

As for an Emily and Jack friendly option, I think we can reach a resonable accomodation.