Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm a little traumatized...

Henry is also shocked.

Jack built a fortress of solitude.

Because Henry is in 0-3 month clothes now. Goodbye newborn sizes?!

He also is out of newborn diapers, which means I have a box that I have to return to Target- I hope they'll take the exchange, and a box that's already open, but it's like herding feral cats to get him into N size, so I think it's time to give up now... besides according to the Wii Fit Henry weighs 10 lbs... it's not very accurate but clearly indicative that it's time to move to size 1.

Also, last night was a little rough. Henry was hungry for 4 hours. Strait. Since I'm not actually a dairy cow, at the 3 hour mark we decided to try his first bottle. He took it fine and then was hungry again which means it was back to me to provide sustenance. So despite the fact that from 6-10 last night Matt and I both wanted to pull our hair out we learned that Henry will take a bottle (of formula- at least today), he appears not to have a cow's milk allergy (because regular formula is made of cow's milk- which means his insane fussiness has nothing to do with the dairy in my diet), Mylicon drops help... sorta but this kid has a very crampy digestive system.

Jack never screamed and screamed and screamed before pooping or having gas, but it appears that these things are VERY painful for Henry. I'm hoping that as he grows this will become less of a problem because it's a bummer that A. I can't do anything for him and B. He makes it very hard to watch TV in the evenings without turning the volume to deafening levels.

At least he's a total cutie pie... I guess we'll keep him!


The Crivella Family said...

Yay for taking a bottle of formula!!! I bet that is a relief (for now anyway!) I bet he's going through a growth spurt! What a cute face in that first picture, I love capturing those split second faces they make!

Kate said...

Ah, the joys of cluster feedings. Have you tried/do you have fenugreek tablets? They seemed to really help boost my milk supply when Liam was going through his growth spurts (and as an added bonus they make your sweat smell like maple syrup). I actually have most of a bottle left over from when I was trying to keep my supply up while Liam was weaning himself and I was hoping he'd return to nursing more. If you're interested let me know and we'll bring it by.

Emily said...

How on earth did I forget about growth spurts?! That makes so much more sense than my "He's trying to make me INSANE" theory! HAH!!

melaniet42 said...

He is a total cutie pie! I can't believe he's out of Newborns already!!!