Monday, April 12, 2010

What would you do?

Henry slept for 6.5 hours Saturday night. Which was so so awesome. However, I woke up in pain PAIN and so eventually we had to wake him up so I could feed him. Would you have woken him up? If you were awake anyway from the pain?

I assume there is a developmental difference between counting to 6 and being able to correctly count 6 objects. Jack can count to 20 but he can also count up to 6 objects correctly and then tell us that there are 6 cars, crackers, whatever. (More than 6 and he gets confused.) I've tried to google and come up with nothing definitive... should I be impressed with his counting skills or assume he's on-par?

Hilarious. Tonight we gave him 3 cookies. We asked him how many he counted "One, two, three cookies," and then he said "Where did four go?" My mom, Matt and I laughed until we nearly cried! And then every time he ate one he asked "Where did three/two/one go?"
Dude, you ate it.
He may have a future as a con artist.


emk said...

That's so weird-- all the other kids can count to 99.


Jack is wonderfully smart! Stop your googling-- it's only going to make you crazy!

PS: OBV I can not help with issue 1! ;-) But hooray for a good sleeper!

The Crivella Family said...

Sleep is great, pain is not!!! YOu could wake up for a few and pump a little that may help! and then you would have a little reserve to try the bottle!

Kate said...

I would have tried to pump a little too rather than waking him up. However, if I'm remembering correctly Jack never took a bottle so that probably wouldn't have even been on your cognitive map (especially in the middle of the night).

There is a difference between counting 6 objects and counting to 6. When you're counting objects you have something concrete to stick to the number to so it is easier. I don't have any idea if counting 6 objects is developmentally advanced or not though.

Brenna said...

I probably would have woken him's easier than pumping. Easy=good.
One of the things that I've learned about kids in their twos...they're all in a different place with the things that they learn. Once they make it to preschool or kindergarden, they're all on the same page.

melaniet42 said...

I would have woken him, but obviously that would depend on how easily he goes back to sleep. I had to religiously get Jillian up every two hours for a while to feed her because she wasn't gaining weight fast enough those first couple weeks, so I got to be pro at baby-waking. Luckily, she was good at going back to sleep.

Jillian won't count at all, but can tell me when there are two objects. I think counting 1-20 or however high can be about memorization, whereas actual identification of numbers of objects is a little different. I second what Em1 said - stop googling - he's doing awesome!!!

Emily said...

Just to clarify- I'm not worried... just wondering if it's time to start pulling together things he'll need for his Mensa application. Hah!