Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Organized

In an effort to live more simply we've set a general goal of suburban homesteading in our house. Which to us means: make what you can, be efficient with what you have, grow what we can (clearly that one will be waiting till the spring) and be organized. Since we're not ready to grow things yet the least we can do is make the soil rich. Instead of ordering one of those super cute composter bins on amazon (which is really tempting, BTW) I'm using something I already have. This is both green and frugal. Go me!

I recognized my limitations when it came to handcrafted spice racks. Limit reached. Amazon ordered. Very cheap, so points for frugality. And now instead of searching for what seems like ever for the friggin' garlic powder, every spice we have (which is many) is now in plain sight!

In order to streamline our lives we're putting most of our DVDs on our hard drive and storing them in the attic. We don't need the cases sitting around taking up space and honestly with those fancy new pull-down stairs putting things in the attic is kinda fun!
Yes, Jack is watching Apollo 13. (I know you all were dying to know!) When the Husband started ripping it Jack looked over on the screen and saw astronauts and space ships. There was no turning back. He's obsessed. Seriously, obsessed.

Finally our fourth new project so far this year has been to give some love to the storage room. We used to just stack things on top of the washer and dryer, and then when they ran they would vibrate and whatever was on them would fall crashing to the floor. Not good.
I think total we spent maybe $70 on both sets of shelves and the boards to run between them. Now we have room to keep the laundry, TP, night-time pull-ups and booze organized. But even better is we now have the space to store more things we don't use every day and when we start picking blueberries in the spring we'll have a place to store jars of jam!

Coming up: real estate vultures. They don't mess around.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Gigi

mrs.g said...

How are you self composting banana peels? I'll have to look into that- my flower bed could use some help!

Emily said...

we just dig a little hole and throw whatever veggie remains in. any fruit or veggie will do, we have lots of banana peels, apple cores, pepper pieces and carrot peel and we use it all. (be careful about seeds, because depending on your climate you might end up with an apple tree or a pepper plant come spring time.)

melaniet42 said...

We've got a compost pile in our back yard that John started with yard stuff a couple years ago. Last summer I started adding organic food stuff and it's pretty awesome. A cantaloupe rind would be completely eaten up in just a couple days last summer! The trick with seeds is to make sure you turn the soil enough that they don't take root.

mrs.g said...

interesting! I have four banana peels ready to go!