Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Vultures

Trying to sell our house from July-December was like pushing against a brick wall. Totally pointless. Don't get me wrong, we love our house- we were just ready for something new. Well, 6 promises of a contract, 2 actual contracts, 2 fallen-through negotiations, and about 35 showings (all of which I have to pack up the kids and leave the house because I SAH, I don't work) we have thrown in the towel.

I'm sick and tired of cleaning and hoping and waiting and cleaning and leaving and driving around for an hour and then hoping and waiting again. Trying to sell my house nearly killed me, and our agent did her best. She was parading our house around like a pimp and his hooker.

So here I am, metaphorically bruised, broken, bleeding. Dying on the side of the highway of life.

Well, at least it's over. At least we can just enjoy our home. Do some fun little projects (which we are). Wait... what's that... circling overhead? Freeking vultures.


The same day our house was de-listed from the market the calls started coming in. "Hello I'm So-and-so from Soul-sucking Realty Group. I noticed your home has been de-listed from the market. I was wondering when you're interested in trying to sell again if you want an agent who can get the job done for you."

Um, wow.

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