Monday, January 31, 2011

Henry's Eye Appointment

Today I took my littlest guy to get his cavernous hemangioma (stork bite) looked at. Because its on his left eyelid, (you can kinda see it in the picture above) we had to take him to a pediatric opthamologist. P.S. Do not Google 'hemangioma on eyelid'. Oh. My. God!

The pediatrician recommended we see this specialist not because he's actively concerned but because we should have a baseline measurement of the growth. If it does increase in size and thus impair Henry's vision, he might need surgery. The opthamologist thinks his vision is not being affected at this time, which although I knew that, it's fabulous to hear from an expert. The doc is planning to see us regularly for monitoring (as hemangioma's can continue to grow in size till age 3). But for now, things are just peachy!