Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jack!!

I cannot believe I have a 3 year old! This is pure madness!!

Jack, we got off to a bit of a rocky start. Labor and delivery were incredibly difficult. I was barely able to walk after the c-section and you couldn't walk at all (which is to be expected). At home we took it easy, snuggling and sleeping for weeks on end. We enjoyed the luxury of oodles special time for just you and me.Then, suddenly, you turned 1 and I thought. Oh. My. God! I have a 1 year old! It became very clear that you had my personality. Stubborn, oppinionated, sassy as hell and so very much fun to be around! (Not-S0-Secretly, I'm pleased as punch that you have my personality!)By 2 you were starting to impress us, learning to peddel a tricycle (more on that later), starting to pretend, and starting to understand that you were about to be a big brother (as much as a two year old can understand such things). And then there are your curls... ::squee::.At 3 you are our little "used car salesman". You're gregarious and passionate. It's impossible to keep up with your elaborate imagination. Just yesterday, you were an astronaut who took Gigi in your space ship to the moon to see the moon snow, and the moon kitty. You love to flex your muscles in the mirror and build things with your vast array of constructible toys. While sometimes you're not too patient with your little brother (I can relate, my little brother used to drool on my stuff too) you love to include him in your pretend adventures and almost always want to share some of whatever you have with him.

Happy Birthday, Jack! You're becoming such a big boy!


Lindsey said...

Love, Cadence

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jack! I wish I was still there with you and that the ice storm hadn't chased me home early! Love Gigi

Brenna said...

hope you have a good one!