Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Late-Night Confession

Last winter when we were snowed in for what seemed like weeks on end. I kinda loved it. I don't really need to be snowed in all winter long, but a long weekend or a few days here and there is kinda romantic and sweet and also good for the family. So the snow that's falling outside right now? I confess that I'm hoping that it sticks enough that we'll get to use the snow pants.

What do you see when you look at this picture?
Here's Henry. Yesterday he crawled over to me and said "Ah!" I said "Up?" He said "Ah!!" So I picked him up and he giggled at me and gave me a big ol' snuggle. So I believe we may have our first word. I'm not too surprised because my little Henry so loves to be held.
It's kinda the running joke in our family that my husband is the chef and I eat the food. I used to cook in college and graduate school. Honestly, I think I'm a pretty good cook but the Husband LOVES to cook. Who was I to stand in the way? Recently I've been more active in the kitchen.

While part of my husband wants to kick me out of 'his' kitchen or at the very least help me not to use the wrong spices (his fears, not mine) he's been pretty good about just accepting that sometimes I want to cook too. The meal quality isn't actually compromised as a result. I confess, cooking for my husband is intimidating because he acts like a know it all when it comes to food. But he mostly seems to like what I make.


Husband said...

I'll confess it is nice to be cooked for sometimes. It's also nice when the cook takes my advice and pokes wholes in the aluminum for lasagna instead of just leaving it uncovered :D

Just saying.

Husband said...

holes. I meant holes in the aluminum.

To early, *sigh*

Emily said...

yes, but it nice when the eater doesn't complain about the lack of ricotta, as the chef doesn't like ricotta.

Husband said...

I can live without the ricotta if you won't dehydrate my top noodles.


Emily said...