Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets on the computer with the goal of competing a simple task like looking up directions or checking the hours a store is open but then I end up burning time reading blogs, checking e-mail and messing around on facebook. Now I'm even blogging about wasting time when I was just trying to check the hours and location of the nearest FedEx/Kinkos. Bah!

The universe did not want me to get my project laminated today! I got the boys in the car and they fell asleep immediately. I took them to what I thought was the closest FedEx Office (with lamination station) but alas it was just a shipping pick up/drop off. Trying to get in and out the door at the store I now actually have scratches because the door was so heavy and cumbersome I barely got me through let alone the stroller... don't even get me started on the ADA accessibility issue. So back in the car we head on down the road and the turn we're supposed to make is blocked by police because the traffic lights are out and they're redirecting flow. We finally get to FedEx and get laminatin'. Then we wander over to the Petco, which saved the trip for Jack because he got to see cats, rats, turtles and fish. So despite the there and back again nature of what should have been a quick trip we still managed to find the fun. Here's to you, Petco, you're the busy mom version of a Zoo trip.

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The Crivella Family said...

I always do that and most of the time I shut the computer down without doing what I had intended on doing in the first place!