Thursday, June 3, 2010

Don't ask him about the pink one

In an act of desperation this morning my mom and I allowed Jack to play with these ribbons. I think he expected them to act like a pull toy (make noises, light up... something). When he came across them one of the ribbons was already unraveled, which lead him to the 'it's a pull-toy' conclusion. He discovered the beauty of unraveling the ribbons this morning.
He played with them all day.
No, really, all day.
Bedtime was hard tonight (nothing new there) because he was not pleased that he couldn't take the ribbons to bed with him. Um, not safe, little man...

I'm kinda bummed out that my cats would eat them and puke them up all over my house 'cause this would make a GREAT toy. I mean he burned HOURS dragging this around the house. Though, I think we'd be buying a new set of ribbons every day, because no amount of wine would make me willing to wind them back up every night.

The baby pink color? It's white. Just ask Jack. He'll tell you. Try to explain that it's pink... them's fightin' words.

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